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As a community of peers, the Nonprofit Consultants Connection promotes excellence in the field of nonprofit consulting.

NCC serves our community by providing access to a list of professionals who are dedicated to high quality, ethical service in the nonprofit sector. Their capabilities address a wide range of common needs, including board development, fundraising, financial management, marketing, strategic planning, and more. Learn more about nonprofit consultants in our community by visiting our online database of members.


NCC consultants in Tampa Bay work in a spirit of collaboration to help each other and nonprofits reach new levels of excellence and profitability that result in high-impact services for the community.


Commitment: We believe that generously sharing wisdom and expertise adds value and advances our professional work within the nonprofit sector; therefore, we invest time and resources to develop ourselves and others.

Collaboration: We believe when we partner we provide a better service and achieve greater impact in the community; through mutual respect, we seek to work in partnership to advance our goals.

Excellence: We believe in the pursuit of exceptional professionalism and modeling best practices in both consulting and nonprofit management.

Continuous Improvement: We believe in the relentless pursuit of professional growth to be even more effective in serving our clients and the nonprofit sector.

Integrity: We believe in holding ourselves and each other to high ethical standards in words and actions; we honor each other and build trust through honest and open exchanges.

Relationships: We believe that personal connection is at the heart of our profession and we will take care to nurture and support the important work of our colleagues and the nonprofits we serve.

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